The advantages of automating more of your production and packing processes are numerous. They include increased productivity, product quality, more efficient material usage, improved safety and shorter factory lead times.

Alsitype Pharma Technologies can provide your company with industrial automation solutions. Our principal, Cybernetik Technologies, is an Indian-based company specializing in the design, building and installation of turnkey automation systems. These solutions are applicable to the agro-processing and food industries, and they address various material receiving, conveying, feeding, processing, packing and storage needs. Various options are on offer based on the product type and whether your production occurs as a batch or continuous process. Commissioning and after-sales support services are also available.

  • Sectors of the food industry covered include FMCG food products and snacks, chocolates, candies, biscuits and spices.
  • Innovative customized solutions are built to meet the highest safety and quality standards, including HACCP standards.
  • Processing systems: Available are a wide range of ergonomic and modular industrial mixers, chocolate/butter/fat melters, spice processing and handling.
  • Handling systems: Food grade conveyors, bag and drum handling and automated guides vehicles (AGVs)
  • Packaging systems: Robotic palletizers, stretch wrapping machine and automatic bagging systems


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