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Picking the right packaging for your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and FMCG applications is vital. The packaging components must meet regulatory standards, perform their intended function and not compromise the product quality. Primary packaging, which is in direct contact with the product, must adhere to the most stringent controls, while secondary packaging, which is not in direct contact with the product, poses less of a risk. Consumables and packaging are used up in high volumes for every product that goes into the market. Examples include desiccants, foils, moulded components, and plastic films.

Alsitype has smart partnerships with reputable packaging component manufacturers who provide world-class packaging components from films, desiccants, vials, bottles, caps, syringes, unit dose etc. Our services include marketing, sourcing, distribution and validation of packaging. We can also help troubleshoot problems with your current packaging and facilitate your transition to better performing and more cost-effective alternatives.

Some of the packaging components we work with include:


Foils are widely used in the pharmaceutical and FMCG industry as a packaging material in various forms such as foil patient ready packs for tablet, foil blister packs for tablet and capsules and food goods such as chewing gums. Foil can also be used as a lidding material. Cosmetics also make use of foils coated in plastic as promotional sachets for creams, shampoos and body washes.

Moulded Components:

These include bottles, jars, dosing syringes, securitainers and pill vials, to name a few. These components are suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Alsitype has partnered with Hebei Jinhuan Packaging Co., Ltd, a Chinese-based leader in the manufacture and supply of a range of aluminium caps and covers for pen syringes, injection and infusion bottles used in the pharmaceutical industry. Jinhuan Packaging supplies several series and a wide range of colours of their quality products to 90% of Chinese biopharmaceutical companies. They also export to international customers in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Plastic films:

Plastic films made from various polymers, are used as overwrap, shrink wrap and blister material.


Desiccants are moisture absorbers placed inside pharmaceutical packaging, for example, to prevent moisture damage to products. Silica gel, a form of silicon dioxide or silica, is the most used desiccant, but others include bentonite clay and quick lime. Desiccants can be found various packaging types including sachets, canisters or bulk bags.

Alsitype supplies a range of desiccants manufactured by Ching Hai Chemicals based in Taiwan. Chiang Hai has been producing a wide range of desiccants for pharmaceutical, food and other applications for over 40 years. Product packaging varies according to your requirements and can be customized to include your company’s branding. Desiccants from Ching Hai Chemicals meet FDA, HACCP and other pharmaceutical and food industry compliance guidelines.


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Consumables / Packaging

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