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The food and beverage industry includes many subcategories including the confectionary industry, the dairy industry, and the tea and coffee industries. In South Africa, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% is expected in the years 2020-2024. The expected market volume by 2024 is over R1.7 billion. Some of the trends in this market include a push for more organically produced foods and an increase in ecommerce food sales. The strong agricultural sector in South Africa supports the continued growth of the small and large scale agro-processing industries.

Alsitype offers equipment solutions for food and beverage as well as nutraceutical manufacturers in South Africa and across the African continent. Our partner, Athapack Packing Solutions, is a manufacturer of filling and other packaging machines. Athapack is based in Turkey and is a leading supplier of superior food packaging equipment to the global market. A range of granulated, powder, food, and non-food products can be packed using the various machines and packing lines. Examples include coffee, pulses, grains, sugar, salt, pasta, spices, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, confectionary and pet food.

Some of the available lines and machines are:

  • Modular high performance continuous (or intermittent) motion vertical form, fill and seal machines for traditional and fragile products being packed into various types of bags. Adaptable filling systems include a multi-head weigher, linear weigher, horizontal weigher, volumetric dosing, auger filler and piston filler. Wrapping material can be various types of film.
  • Doypack pouch packaging machines for dried foods, frozen foods, juices, dairy products, spices and more. These can have a zipper included.
  • A variety of weighers, dosing units, food processing equipment, conveyors and elevators.
  • Athapack also has machines to produce bags such as doypacks, pillow bags, gusset bags and more.

For liquid products, we offer full liquid filling lines.

For powders, have a look at our powder filling lines.

For tablets and capsules, we have tabletting, encapsulation, blister packing, bottling equipment and cartoning machines available.


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Food & Beverage Equipment

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