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For liquid blending applications in the pharmaceutical and other sectors, Alsitype provides equipment and consulting services. We supply equipment from our principal, Adam Fabriwerk, based in India. Adam Fabriwerk manufactures processing systems as well as blending vessels for the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Applications include sterile solutions, liquid orals, creams, IV fluids, suspensions, ointments, aerosols, lotions and gels.

Equipment available includes:

  • Blending vessels with magnetic mixers
  • Digestion vessels
  • Buffer/Storage vessels
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) modules for vessels and lyophilizers
  • Sterilization In Place (SIP) modules for the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Ointment processing systems
  • Liquid oral processing systems
  • Processing vessels for sterile applications
  • Creams /gel /cold creams /lotions /shampoo/toothpaste processing systems

Featured System: Liquid Oral Processing System

  • Capacity: 50 – 30,000 litres
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant PLC / SCADA based automation system (Fully or semi-automated, as required)
  • Process equipment: Material handling and transfer, Sugar syrup preparation, Sugar syrup pre-filtration, Solution preparation, Solution storage, Platform structure, Transfer panels, CIP Systems, Plant automation, API mixing
  • Storage systems: Raw material storage, Inverted sugar storage, Liquid glucose storage, Glycerine storage


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Liquid Blending Vessels

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