Cartoning machines can pack rigid and non-rigid objects into a carton. This form of secondary packaging is using in the pharmaceutical industry as well as other industries for items such as bottles, vials, tubes, ampoules, and sachets.

We provide a number of production-scale cartoning machines from ACG Engineering. Both automatic and semi-automatic models are available to increase your output and reduce man hours.

  • Capacity up to 90, 120, 150 and 180 cartons/min
  • Technologies used: Either flat forming and flat sealing or rotary forming and rotary sealing
  • Versatile machine configurations to cover blistering types such as tables, hard and soft-gel capsules
  • Containment model available for potent substances

Featured Machine: HiCart Plus

  • Automatic continuous motion horizontal cartoning machine
  • Speed: Up to 180 cartons/min
  • Designed to carton rigid objects and easily integrated with blister packing machine
  • Built-in ‘No Product- No Leaflet- No Carton’ system to limit wastage
  • Rotary carton pick-up system for increased speed

For an integrated blister packing and cartoning line, the B MAX+ VEKTOR from ACG Engineering is an excellent choice. This offers

  • Improved packing speed by combining the B MAX blister packing speed of 45 cycles per minute and the VEKTOR cartoning speed of 90 cartons per minute
  • Quick and easy changeover for easy access and reduced machine downtime
  • Fully automated line with a user-friendly design.


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