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Bottling is a very common form of primary packing for tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. We offer full bottling lines as well as the individual machines, if you wish to integrate these into your existing lines. Our tablet and capsule bottling equipment is manufactured by CVC Technologies, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of packing and labelling equipment.  We provide continued support throughout the design and build, installation, acceptance testing, and post-installation periods.

CVC tablet/capsule counting lines are designed to comply with FDA and cGMP regulations. They can achieve speeds of 60, 120, or the triple speed of 200 bottles per minute (bpm). For smaller scale production, we offer compact tablet/capsule counting lines. These combine a counting and filling station, a capper, a labeller and a collecting table. Single head configurations can produce speeds of 20~30 bpm, while double head configurations can go up to 40~50 bpm.

Packing equipment that may be integrated into the tablet and capsule bottling line includes the following:

  • Bottle unscrambler
    • Automatically feeds bottles from a bin and places them upright on the conveyor at a maximum speed of 300 bpm (based on 100 cc round bottle)
    • Siemens PLC controlled with 7” touch screen with intelligent SelfSetTM function for automatic bottle setup
    • Options include static eliminator in disc sorter, ionized air rinsing with vacuum dust collection and adjustable sorter disc
  • Pre-feeding system
    • Bin lifting system to transport tablets or capsules from a floor mounted hopper to the counter
  • Counter
    • Accurate counting and filling of different sizes of capsules, tablets, caplets, and softgels into bottles.
    • Semi-automatic and fully automatic options available in the CVC202 and CVC1000 electronic counters, respectively.
    • Compact design with quick and easy changeover
    • Mid to high speed counting applications possible
  • Desiccant inserter
    • Desiccants are added during the product packing stage to prevent moisture damage. We supply 3 types of desiccant inserters—desiccant pouch inserters and desiccant canister inserters with either an elevator hopper or a vibration bowl.
    • Verification check option for under or overfilled bottles
    • Featured Machine: CVC1103 Pouch Desiccant Inserter
      • PLC driven and servo motor controlled with 6” touch screen panel
      • Cuts desiccants sachets from a roll
      • Inserts desiccants in container at up to 120 bottles per minute
      • Options include reject station, tower lamp, feed screw
    • Cottoner
      • Cotton, polyester or rayon is often inserted during packing to fill up empty in the containers.
      • Our cotton inserters manufactured by CVC Technologies can fill at a speed of up to 60 bpm.
      • PLC driven and servo motor controlled with a standard with a 6″ touch screen terminal.
      • Options include tower lamp, missing cotton in bottle detection, reject, and reject verification.
    • Capper
      • Our high speed in-line capping systems apply and tighten screw-on caps onto containers at rates of up to 120 bottles per minute.
      • Flexible machines designed with various options to match your applications and constraints, including tower lamp, hopper level control, cap inspection (level cap, foil seal, and no cap), reject, and reject verification.
      • PLC controlled with a standard 6″ touch screen terminal and 4 sets of adjustable spindles.
    • Capsealer
      • To eliminate leakage, improve shelf-life, and to provide tamper proof, bottle caps can be sealed using an induction capsealer.
      • Caps lined with foil are used, and once these are tightened on the bottle, the machine provided non-contact heat sealing.
      • Our capsealers are highly efficient and have a long service life.
      • Efficient cooling mechanism eliminates overheating.
    • Cap retorquer
      • After the induction sealing station, bottles pass through the cap retorquer to ensure that the screw-on caps are sufficiently tightened.
      • The CVC1208 In-line Cap Retorquer can achieve speeds of up to 120 bottles per minute.
      • PLC controlled with a 6″ touch screen terminal.
      • Options include tower lamp, servo torque metering, reject, and reject verification.
      • Automatic rejection system
    • Product Labelling
      • After the containers have been filled and capped, they go through labelling. There are various techniques of labelling containers and including product leaflets. Our goal is to provide the right solution for your unique application.
      • For pressure-sensitive labels, labelling machines include top and bottom labellers, wrap labellers, and front/back labellers.
      • For adding product leaflets, top and side outserters are available.
    • Check-weigher
      • Easily integrating into your production line due to compact design
      • With high weighing accuracy, the checkweigher can reliably reject products outside required weight range
    • Cartoner
      • CVC’s Automatic Horizontal Cartoner can be integrated into assemblies for bottles, blisters and tubes.
      • Options include leaflet insertion and code embossing
    • Shrink bundler
      • This user-friendly machine can bundle small and medium size product
      • Integrated Heat Shrink Tunnel


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