Your safest option – OEM parts

Our principals have tailor-made machines and line concepts linked to a multitude of different spare parts. By using their original parts, you will receive optimum performance and durability. Alsitype Pharma & FMCG Technologies can supply spare parts for all types and generations of our Principals machinery all around the globe.

Our standard products are available from stock. Others will be tailor-made or organized for you according to your individual requirements. Comprehensive support for your spare parts management and machine maintenance is available on our online information and ordering platform.

The E-Portal simplifies your search and helps you to optimize your spare parts logistics. Our spare parts services are completed by our Stock Optimization concept which assists you in improving your overall spare parts management and availability.


  • Tailored spare parts kits
  • Spare parts maintenance and repair
  • Online quotation and ordering via our E-Portal
  • Customized solutions for optimized spare parts stock

Alsitype – Your Reliable Partner


Technical Audit- Systematic Process Analysis

With our Technical Audit, Alsitype Pharma & FMCG Technologies offers you a periodic health check and performance assessment for your equipment. During the audit, we analyze single machines or complete lines in production conditions. We identify technical and organizational stoppers and help you improve your packaging processes.

Using special software, we generate live data which enables our interdisciplinary audit team to analyze your actual machine performance as well as potential risks in a detailed report. In our three-phase process, we help you to implement Quick Wins, tune your equipment and put the organizational and technical measures from our action plan into operation. We provide a comprehensive cost estimation which allows you to calculate your return on investment (ROI). The optimization proposals support you in lowering your overall costs and increasing the efficiency of your packaging machines.


  • Structured process analysis
  • Independent view based on live data
  • Audit reports documenting technical and organizational stoppers
  • Suggestions for improvement based on ROI
  • Interdisciplinary audit team with expert knowledge

Preventive Maintenance

With its modular approach, our Preventive Maintenance Agreement ensures that required maintenance activities are conducted at scheduled intervals according to your individual requirements. Carried out by an Alsitype Services professional, this service helps you to improve the performance of your packaging lines and machines.

Our maintenance service ranges from regular line check-ups and technical audits all the way to complete maintenance packages with a service technician at your plant 24/7. Together we select the ideal maintenance module suited to your level of maintenance activities, product environment and workload. Our well-trained service technicians support the optimization of your overall machine operation and offer training programs for your employees. With the right Preventive Maintenance strategy in place, we assist you in reducing losses and increasing uptime and profitability.


  • Preventive Maintenance at scheduled intervals
  • Reduced unexpected downtime o Predefined maintenance costs
  • Know-how transfer conducted by experts on on-the-job training
  • Detailed reports on interventions
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